Women are not daisies

WND Manifesto


african women
Romare Howard Bearden, “American Portfolio: Girl in the Garden, edition XXXXIV/L,” silkscreen, 1980


We believe that men should treat women with the same amount of respect and decency like we’re brought up to treat them. Despite the progress in feminism we believe that there is still a lot lacking in terms of behaviour to women that needs to be changed.


Stereotypes. They pervade society in the way we speak. The way we act. The way we assume.


It has been shown that men respond more kindly and promptly when treated coldly by us, but it should not have to take a game of distance and mystery to get men to be kind to us consistently.

Men are entitled with their opinions, with some seeing them as facts where we are never right; we do not see why this should be the case. You should not be made to feel as though you should be quiet on your thoughts and opinions as if they are invalid, because if men and women are equal then our opinions should be listened to as well and not shut down, dismissed and ignored.

When men are tired that is a good enough reason for them to not be in the mood for conversation, but when women are tired and in a bad mood we still make some effort to talk to people when they initiate conversation because it’s the polite thing to do. Not shutting down a conversation and being short due to tiredness. Where we are patient, they are entitled and in actions like these take superiority – we believe we should challenge this.



  • Demand to be taken seriously as an equal being
  • Remind them when they are being condescending
  • And if all else fails, treat them like they treat us





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